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‘Age of no Return’ series meant to celebrate Africa’s elders – Artist

Artist and founder of the Worldfaze art studio, Kwesi Botchway has launched his latest project to pay homage to the elderly in Africa.

The ‘Age of no Return’ series acknowledges and illuminates the intergenerational wisdom of the elderly on the continent.

Kwesi Botchway believes that “with age comes unwavering dignity and ancestral strength that is a blessing to the world” hence it is of great importance for Africans to tap into the knowledge of the elderly which will guide them to make good choices and decisions in life.

He says he seeks to celebrate the elderly as well as throw light on the beauty and grace that comes with old age and “throw more light on the lessons we can draw from these great lives and never take them for granted”.

Drawing inspiration from the human face and skin textures, Kwesi Botchway aims to depict portraits of the faces of children, adults and the old with a focus on the eye, nose and mouth as he believes they display one’s emotions.

“I see my paintings as projecting positive motivation and aspiration, a hint of humor, provoking of a smile and also boasting a smile which invite the view to get close then closer”, he explained.

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