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Celebrated Ghanaian Artist Kwesi Botchway In Denmark To Exhibit His Paintings

By Modern Ghana

His name is Kwesi Botchway, and he has the PASSION for what he does. He is one of Ghana’s many talents in art, portrait painting to be precise.

Kwesi is the Founder of WorldFaze Art Studio located in Nima, a suburb of Ghana’s capital Accra. He was born and raised in Nima.

After Primary and Junior High School, he developed his gifted talent in Art at the Ghanatta College of Art and Design.

He has participated in a number of local and international art exhibitions.

Kwesi Botchway has the power to transform art into everyday life of the African people and mixed cultures around the world. He believes in artistry as a natural talent in human form.

His ideal and class of painting is inspired by the human family.

“My mission is to celebrate the beauty of the world’s many faces and cultures. I see the face as a gateway of the soul. And within the face my point of focus is the eye. I see my paintings as projecting positive emotions: a hint of humour, the provoking of a smile. I invite the viewer to get close then closer to my paintings, and to see in them the individual, and the culture he or she represents.”

Kwesi believes the expressions on the human face can send strong messages to the world and, thus, focuses on painting such images in a creative way that talks about different issues in society.

Catch a glimpse of this amazing Ghanaian gem in Denmark come Saturday 11th November at the Opening of Oona in the new premises where he would be exhibiting the “Age of No Return” series.

The doors will open at 10-17 with a little lots coming up designed for both the senses and the soul. From all indications it is expected to live up to expectations with a great show.

Kwesi is mounting this exhibition in collaboration with Mariann Oona Petersen.

It took time to get the show in land, but now he is here physically in the gallery from Ghana

Come and meet the artist himself, the young and promising Ghanaian Artist, Kwesi Botchway.










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