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From Ghana to Vejle: Meet the artist behind the colorful portraits

The Ghanaian artist Kwesi Botchway is in Denmark until December 23, where he will show and tell about his portrayal series “Age of no return”.

Vejle: An old African proverb says: “What the elderly can see sitting from a chair, the child can not perceive from even the highest mountain.”

With the doctrine in mind, a newly graduated artist from a Ghanaian art academy began painting portraits three years ago.

It has over time become an entire series under the name “Age of no return”.

The series can be experienced in the newly opened gallery Hos Oona at Vestergade 24B in Vejle until December 23, where you can also meet the artist behind, Kwesi Botchway.

Closed and went to Ghana
– The series is about the knowledge and insight that older people possess. When I see an elderly person, I come to think of life, that you have to remember to bring things to life while you are still young, says Kwesi Botchway, who paints her works with open mind and with background in the mood , he is in the moment.

It was the eye-catching faces and the high academic level that caught Mariann Oona Petersen, owner of Hos Oona, when, one year ago, she was looking for exciting art on the Internet.

– At that time my gallery was located at Vestergade 36. I contacted Kwesi, who initially sent some of his works to Denmark so that I could exhibit them, says Mariann Oona Petersen.

Her ambitions as a gallery owner reached for more, so in the spring she closed her gallery and went to Ghana to pick up Kwesi Botchway and his pictures up to Denmark.

– We managed to get him a visa for November and December, so while he is here, we will hold a number of events, says Mariann Oona Petersen.

Painting courses and exhibitions
The first event is already tomorrow, Saturday 25 November, at 11 am, where Hos Oona hosts a “art talk”. Here Kwesi Botchway tells about his works and working methods.

– There will also be other artists from Ghana, Abraham Kwabena Mensah and Kwabena Ogyam Agare-Nyako, who will entertain with African drum and dance, says Mariann Oona Petersen.

In addition, there will be arranged painting courses, exhibitions and the opportunity to have his own portrait drawn.

Will inspire
Kwesi Botchway sells its works for between 2,500 and 25,000 kroner, but that is not why he has come to Denmark.

– As an artist, it is good to get around to different cultures and share their own culture with other people. I want to inspire people, he says.

You can find more info about the upcoming events at Hos Oona’s facebook page of the same name.

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