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Does Alcohol Thin Your Blood? Short- and Long-Term Effects

Even though moderation is an effective way to ensure that the heart is in good condition, complete abstinence is usually the best option. People who are occasionally using blood thinners and alcohol are not at much risk. However, heavy drinkers may be at risk of severe complications like excessive bleeding and death.

  • Alcohol can reduce some of the “stickiness” of red blood cells, which can lower the odds of blood clotting.
  • Also be sure to discuss any supplements you’re taking with your healthcare provider, since many of them can affect how your medications work.
  • About 2 million to 3 million people take blood thinners every year.
  • People taking anticoagulants should reduce ethanol consumption for the sake of their health or contact a rehabilitation center in case of an addiction to ethanol.

Taking a moderate amount of ethanol with them is not generally harmful. This is because the impact of moderate amounts of ethanol now and then is not enough to cause harm to the body. Although alcohol thins the blood, long-term use can have a different effect. When a person drinks excessively for long periods, their risk for a stroke increases. The effects of alcohol consumption on blood pressure and heart rate can last up to 13 hours after drinking, and its effects on heart rate can last up to 24 hours after drinking. Another reason for the increase in blood pressure and heart rate is how alcohol affects hormones, specifically the stress hormone known as cortisol.

How does alcohol consumption affect my high cholesterol or risk of other cardiovascular issues?

A woman who becomes pregnant or plans to become pregnant while taking warfarin should immediately notify her health care professional. Never increase or decrease your dose unless told to do so by your health care professional. If you miss a dose, call your health care office for advice.

alcohol and blood thinners

Mixing alcohol and Brilinta could lead to increased dizziness. Someone using alcohol while taking Brilinta should speak with their doctor about the risks that are specific to their situation. Much Art Therapy for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery like Pradaxa, alcohol also increases the effects of Arixtra. This is doubly dangerous, as you are more likely to have an injury while intoxicated and are at higher risk for severe bleeding.

How Does Alcohol Thin the Blood?

It is sometimes advised to take OTC aspirin in combination with other antiplatelet drugs for people who have acute coronary syndrome or unstable chest pains (angina). Additionally, they don’t dissolve or break up existing clots. However, they can help prevent existing clots from getting larger. Also, blood thinners might not be able to lessen the strong blood-clotting tendency of an underlying disease, such as cancer.

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