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Nokofio Heroes Series is a narrative experience of young working-class street sellers and vulnerable children in Ghana. This series is about awareness, paying tribute, understanding, and to exude compassion and celebration for their hustle to survive and also to increase awareness of child labor . This concept is built on the belief that childhood comes one’s in a life time, therefore children need to be provided with a safe and peaceful environment to flourish in with good parental guidance and better education, for every child’s life’s matter.This series therefore is being portray of colorful balloons and buntings which signify celebration, appreciation , hope and faith for a better future regardless of the everyday struggles. Despite the harsh conditions of their chores, the tasks African young street sellers and vulnerable children accomplish keep their households alive.

Its Largely  relates to my upbringing growing up in Nima , one of the biggest slums in Ghana, where his childhood experience shaped his life. Bartering and laboring how he knows best at the Nima market and also on the street to support himself and  his mother to put food on the table. Instead of choosing a life of crime, he chose to be an artist and also a story teller.

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