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Age of no return


The (Age of no Return ) series acknowledges, illuminates, and pays homage to inter generational wisdom of the elderly in Africa. With age comes unwavering dignity and ancestral strength that is a blessing to the world. A blessing we can all tap into, one that can guide us to make good choices and decisions as individuals.As the African saying goes, what the elderly can see from a sitting position, the child cannot perceive even from the tallest mountain. This naturally hints an image of sages and repositories of great wisdom and understanding. Even though old age comes with a number of challenges that could either be situational or just naturally inherent, the reality is that elderly remain unique and extraordinary to every generation. The knowledge and experiences garnered over their years of existence are enough for the young generation to live by and have successful and fulfilling lives.With this  series I seek not to only celebrate the elderly but also wish to throw light on the beauty and grace that comes with old age and most importantly throw more light on the lessons we can draw from these great lives and never take them for granted.

1 thought on “Age of no return

  1. Dennis Hilton-Reid says:

    I’m deeply moved by your work.
    I see my mother, aunts, uncles.
    I would love to purchase a print; how much and where?
    Many thanks.

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